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3D AURA FILAMENTS are manufactured from high quality granular resin using state of the art technology and equipment with stringent quality control. To ensure that our clients get “fresh” filaments, we turn around our filament inventory every two months so that filaments delivered to our clients are no more than a month from manufacture date. This is our commitment to quality.

1.75mm and 2.85mm

PLA      PLA Extreme      PLA Glow In Dark      PLA ThermoChromic      PLA Silky      PLA Rainbow      PLA Translucent

PLA Galaxy Glitter      ABS      PETG      FLEX TPU95A      ASA UV Resistant      NYLON PA6      Polycarbonate PC

PVA Soluble      Metal Alloy      WoodFill      Carbon Fiber Alloy CF-PA12

Ultimaker, Builder, Flashforge, Cubicon, Makerbot, Sindoh, Dremel, MakerGear, Tiertime UP, Creality, Anycubic, Zotrax, Raise3D, CraftBot, Lulzbot, Monoprice, Prusa, Wanhao, BCN3D, BigRep, Tronxy, Longer, XYZ, Tevo, Anet, Zonestar and Snapmaker printers.

3D Aura Premium 1.75mm & 2.85mm 3D Printer Filaments

for demanding makers and professional users


BASF Ultrafuse, formally known as Innofil3D and a BASF company, is renowed filament manufacturer from the Netherlands producing premium quality filaments. They are also the largest filament manufacturer in the Netherlands and OEM supplier to many 3D printer manufacturers.

Ultrafuse filaments are engineered materials at the highest level, exceeding global standards and compliance.

Filament diameters 1.75mm and 2.85mm

Spool weights 500g, 750g, 2.5kg, 4.5kg, 8.5kg

3D Printing Resins

For Open Source SLA, DLP and LCD Printers


Key cost of using SLA, DLP and LCD printers is resins. 3D Aura supplies a range of quality yet affordable resins for open source printers from AnyCubic, Ackuretta, Sparkmaker. XYZ and any open source printers.

5 types of resins, each suitable for different objects you wish to create.

Combined with the 5 types of color paste, you can print3D object in virtually any color you want.

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