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Ranging from controller board, LCD screen, nozzles to extruder modules and stepper motor, we offer 3D printer spare parts for almost all brands, models and sizes of 3D printer.

Drop us a call to +65 6904 4394 if you need spares. We will be delighted to assist.


PolyBox™ is a filament storage box that stores your materials in their optimum printing environment while still able to print with them.

PolyBox™ features a thermo-hygrometer that monitors your filament’s humidity inside the box. The humidity is regulated by large desiccant bags that absorb moisture within the PolyBox™, great for hygroscopic materials such as PVA and Nylon.

The PolyBox™ can house two 1kg spools simultaneously or one 3kg spool and is compatible with both 1.75mm and 2.85mm filament diameters.


PolySher™ is a desktop post-processing unit designed to remove layer lines from prints. It uses Polymaker’s Micro-Droplet Polishing technology to create a fine mist of alcohol that smoothens the model.

We recommend using PolySmooth™, a filament material specially designed with polish ability when exposed to common alcohols such as isopropyl or ethanol.

The PolySher™ generates an aerosol of micro-sized alcohol droplets that are absorbed onto the 3D printed part surface, making it smooth.



If you have a stereolithography SLA, DLP or LCD 3D printer, then you will need a way to post-cure parts with UV light. Post-curing enables parts to reach the highest strength possible, so that they become stable. The purpose of a UV curing chamber is to create a chemical reaction post-print, during which printed parts becomes stronger.

Ultrasonic cleaning is an integral part of the 3D printing process, and is almost as important as the printer itself. No other machines can clean as quickly, thoroughly, and deeply into the recesses of a part the way ultrasonic cleaners can. Ultrasonic cleaners are used for this


Palette 2 works with your single extruder printer to provide you with the simplest multi-material printing process possible. Enrich your designs using soluble support, flexible and rigid materials all in the same part. Harness new levels of communication and aesthetics by printing up to four colours in any given design.

Get printing with Palette 2 in less than an hour with its plug and play setup. When one spool runs out, Palette 2 can automatically splice to another spool. Never run out of filament on long prints again.


peel 3d is professional-grade handheld 3D scanning in its purest form. It has no useless gadgets to make it seem more interesting or appealing. It simply lets you make high-quality 3D scans of small or large objects while keeping your project on a budget.

It can scan most items directly without any preparation as it recognizes the shape of objects automatically. Trying to scan something very smooth? No problem! This 3D scanner can also use stick-on markers to let you scan the flattest surfaces.

Mayku FormBox

The Mayku FormBox is a desktop vacuum former that brings your ideas to life. It works with any vacuum cleaner and a whole selection of different materials. Use it to make molds in minutes with no additional software or digital model manipulation needed. Seeing those big ideas come to life never seemed so simple.

As a perfect partner for your 3D printer, the Mayku FormBox offers you total power over the design and pace of production. Print one, mold 20 and start your production line from home.


MTS-100 Arduino Trainer

Arduino is an open-source physical computing platform based on a simple I/O board and a development environment that implements the Processing / Wiring language. Besides its easy-to-use hardware and software interface, this Arduino trainer is designed to be as flexible as possible to fit your project’s needs.

The MTS – 100 Tutor for Arduino provides an environment for Arduino to interact with different forms of electronics (25 module blocks) with simple codes and connections. With a universal breadboard, it’s convenient for students to construct circuits, not provided by the MTS-100.

MTS-200 Tutor for Raspberry Pi

Raspberry Pi is a mini computer allowing people of all ages to explore the world of computers and to learn how to code in programming languages, such as Scratch or Python.

The MTS-200 Tutor for Raspberry Pi provides an environment for Raspberry Pi to interact with the outside world through different forms of electronics. Students can learn and create various digital maker projects through simple connections and simple Python codes in the tutorials provided.


ETS-3000 Digital-Analog Trainer

The ETS-3000 Digital-Analog Training System is a comprehensive system suitable for anyone engaged in digital and analog circuit experiments, such as basic electric circuits, linear circuits, combination logic, sequential logic, microprocessor circuits, and FPGA, etc.

All necessary devices for experiments such as Power supply, Function generator / Counter, Joystick switch, Rotate switch, DCV/DCA meter, Analog meter are installed on the main unit. Users can also program Arduino codes with faya-Nugget combo pack, in addition to adopting extension FPGA board and MCU board.